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"These are Testimonials from clients and internet friends as well will help you get a background feeling of who I am in the words of yes even some people I have never met ...but know my Work...hope it inspires's why I created the Sirtony 'Magazine Books' so I could help more people...with my inspire ...






Stephen Page 


I got to know Michael when I attended his 'Total Workshop For Acting back in 2005. I realized that Michael was much more than just another teacher. He made films casting his students in significant roles giving them an opportunity to have some screen time and material for that crucial 'Actors Demo Reel' that actors need.  His creative output is phenomenal. He makes films, he writes books, composes music. I don't think there is a creative art form that he doesn't have a talent for. He is completely committed to not only his talents and craft but also helping his students become the best they can be in much more than just their talents.  But much more than all of the above I consider him a 'Friend' someone who is there for people when a friend is needed."



Eric Halsey 


I know Michael Savage from Social Media and our many phone conversations, and experience his many films and books. He is a man's man, and has inspired me with his work, and his charismatic way since the moment we started exchanging visions.


Artists like you Michael....aka Sirtony, create identities for cultures and societies!! That's why I call you "THE 22nd Century" Filmmaker, because you are so far ahead of your time. I see/hear/feel it in ALL of your work as a Filmmaker, who pays attention to the details that are lost on today's filmmakers. From intakes to outtakes, lighting, camera angles, editing, sets, cinematography, Michael is without peer. No need for popcorn and a soft drink for his films~unless its sitting right in front of it? You're sure to miss something!" and now your magazine books...'Tap Dancing All The Way to 'Omaha Beach' is just another example of your extraordinary talent. Keep going!!!!




 " To any actor, writer, or presenter if you want yourself captured as your true self, let Michael Savage Aka Award Winning Filmmaker 'SIRTONY' be your director and producer. I never met anyone who works so closely, so intimately to really allow the essence of YOU to come through. I highly recommend him for your project! He and his wife Lani are the ultimate professional team! 


Vicki Mizel   


Chris Camp 
Long time film maker,professional and creative,writer,philanthropist." Micheal has been making excellent movies,and short films for a long time,the best in the industry."



Lynn Cassettare #1

I met this amazing man several years ago on a social website. We quickly became friends thru his warmth, humor and profound love of this world. I quickly became a fan of his films, which are filled with sometimes harsh, raw and unedited truth, about the real people in our world. He has a heart of gold, and an intelligence that I learn from every day just knowing him. His passion in helping us all see that we CAN make a difference in this world is what makes him stand out from all the rest.....He is professional, dedicated, talented, and an inspiring film maker. I am proud to say I know him and call him my friend......"



Special Website Review 


Lynn Cassettare  #2 

You never cease to amaze me....Ive just spent about an hour on your site, watching your films, your montage, reading your words....reading testaments from so many people that love you and are proud of what you have accomplished. You ask my opinion....well here is it.....standing ovation my friend....standing ovation. You wear so many hats, and they all fit to perfection. An actor, a filmmaker, a singer, a writer.....and the one thing about you....if there is ever a crack you don't see it as see the light shining thru those cracks. Well done my friend....well done!!!!



Sherif Guirguis 

If you want Honesty and integrity then Michael is your man you can always count on Him


Michael is the best Honesty integrity you get the whole Package I highly recommend him

>>>Sherif GuirGuis"


Lani Jacobson 

He is a brilliant filmmaker and writer."



Kjelene Bertrand 

I interviewed Michael Savage and found him to be a very kind and personable man. His movies are very they leave you with wanting more. 


Kjelene Bertrand

Producer NTR Radio Network"



Brendan O'Shea


Sirtony, Michael Savage, works and lives to the highest integrity I've seen in many years. He is a role model to many who strive to live by their word, by their handshake. And I've seen and witnessed the dramatic results of his tutelage and mentoring. I look forward to future collaborations with Mr. Michael Savage (aka Sirtony).


Brendan O'Shea



Mark Love 

Michael has vision and guts - awesome combo in a quantum leaping world ! I intend to work with / learn from him humanly and professionally.

Cheers from Australia,


"Mark Love"



Donna Grant 

Sirtony you have been very kind in sharing. The truth as you see it is the truth for you and many others. That you respect truth with your love an light of your incision an insight is refreshing. You don't cross normal natural boundry lines...thank you for your time an effort in sharing."



Jerry Rodriguez 

Michael films are very powerful."



David Longoria 

I have been following Michael Savage for some time. He is motivated and well educated. As president of Sirtony Films Inc. he goes the extra mile to see that the films that are produced are of the highest level. He works long hours to see that perfection is achieved. He has been a mentor to me as his insights into life experiences are concise and gives one a lesson in handling adversity. He is a true American Wealth Building and only believes in honesty and hard work ethic.."



Renee Maira 
Michael is a talented professional creator and film producer, Actor. His services are flawless and his willingness to serve his clients is a blessing to mankind. When you meet Michael you will feel like you have known him all your life. He is a true friend and professional business partner and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him."



Eric Krackow 

Michael is a thinking-big-and-outside-of-the-box professional. He has a very impressive resume and he has the ability to create and bring his ideas to fruition in a way that is almost supernatural. He has been loyal and supportive the projects that I have been involved in and I appreciate that. He is one-of-a-kind."



Q-Mars Kiani 

Not only I recommend him, but also I hope I could co-produce a movie with him!"



Christa Quinn 

If you're looking to work with someone whose vision can so easily capture those purely human emotions most filmmakers seem to dismiss, look no further than Michael Savage. Purely professional and inspiring in his approach."


Jeff Sable 

A truly creative and hard working Artist!!!! An actors director!!!! Honest, sincere and always giving of himself and his talent!!!! Always trying to make a difference with what he creates!!! Proud to say he's my friend!!!!"



Debbie Scafidi 

Michael is an amazing man!   He is a talented actor musician songwriter director of films and President of Sirtony Films Inc. !"



Guillermo Alifraco 

I'm always checking Michael's work and it's amazing; not only you enjoy it, but you live it and after watching it you get to experience a lot of thoughts that stay with you all day. Congratulations !!!"



Scott Butler 

Michael's is a very experienced, approachable, trustworthy and professional person in the industry. This shows in the quality of his work, I would recommend him any day."



Jimmy Devita 

I have known Michael Savage for a for many years and he is like a brother to me and I have often asked for advice on matters of money, family, and even health, and his effective and dependable approach was always remarkable and well taken! He is trustworthy, meticulous, hardworking, and self-motivated and Mr. Savage taught me to be confident in my approach in the world of entertainment, and finance, and his imaginative skill gives me real encouragement, to the point of being capable of tackling any problems that come my way! Mr. Savage has outstanding leadership abilities and is a take-charge person, who takes pride in his work, and his many fine contributions to film, music and the arts, will always impress humans around the globe! I'm proud to know Mr. Savage and take genuine pleasure in recommending him and his works, to one and all! He is truly a "one of a kind" individual and a rare find, in todays professional ranks! His broad experience and range of skills will be an asset to any organization.   Mr. Savage and SIRTONY FILMS INC. are built on a foundation of IMAGINATION, and concrete IDEAS that will last a lifetime I do not hesitate to recommend Michael Savage Aka Sirtony and SIRTONY FILMS INC.!"



Liz Ellie 
I have taken Michaels course at the total workshop for actors and together we worked on various projects. During that time, I have gotten to know Michael quite well and can thoroughly vouch for his character and abilities.Michael is a pleasure to work with because his pleasant and positive attitude can make nearly any work seem fun and interesting. He is the leader, instructor, writer, producer and director of all projects and always handled these positions fairly by making sure everyone had equal amounts of work that they enjoyed. If we had someone in our group who would continuously complain, rather than getting upset, Michael would continue to point out the positives until the person began to enjoy themselves. For classes, Michael always took the initiative to make sure his work was done exceptionally well. He also made sure he was thoroughly prepared to participate at length in class discussions. Due to his love of art and determination to spread his passion, Michael would work late hours with those who were willing to stick with him to make sure each project was professionally completed to everyone’s satisfaction as well as teach every student the importance of understanding and appreciating art. Although Michael can be quite demanding at times, the excitement he puts into this group has given the members the passion to want to continue working with him. I recommend taking his course as you will not be disappointed and you will be glad that you did."




George Martinovich 

Michael is a great artist - I had the good fortune to work with him. He created music videos for YouTube based on some of my songs. Besides being very creative Michael is also very professional."



Robbyn Siegel 

Michael is amazingly talented."



Tony Magri 

I have known mike for quite awhile, and always found him to be a stand up man and honest."



Earl Belt 

Michael; You are an actor's dream of a director / coach and friend. You have a unique ability to bring out the best in each person. Keep doing what you do !!!


Jerry Rodriguez 

Michael films are very powerful."



Chet Uber 

On the bleeding edge"



Moshon Reuveni

I know Michael for 10 years he has incredible energy and big dreams combined with  charm and amazing theatrical talent."




Mark Judson 

You get what's being tought. Micheal has a great way of delivering that with Passion and power- a man with good character and a sole for film making.Take it from me a former student /friend and acting family of five years,,,, thank you Michael."




Barbara Magnolfi 

Michael you rock!"



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